Team Spleen

Come get vented!

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Like so many things it started as a bit of a joke. The idea behind Team Spleen was concocted one vodka crazed night during a particularly debauched bout of pixillated violence. Whenever myself and Dr. Penguin get particularly drunk we like to shout "SPLEEN" at each other in very loud voices. We do it at parties, over the phone and especially over voice comms during games of Counterstrike or Desert combat or whatever.

I was struck by this fantastic idea, what about Team Spleen? A clan based around the idea of getting drunk, playing computer games and shouting "SPLEEN"? My genius clearly was shining through that evening. We stuck [SPLEEN] in front of our nick names and swore never to take anything seriously.

So we're team Spleen. Drunken packet-based homicidal maniacs with a death wish.

If you want to join us, you're more than welcome. We're up for just about anything that can be played while drinking. Team Spleen is proud sponsor of the Pandemonium mailing list

Team Spleen! - Come Get Vented!